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Computerised form for aliens / foreign nationals of non-Greek origin73968613 May 2024 09:53:28
Camp establishment licence75382630 April 2024 10:28:22
Computerised form for Greeks residing abroad29080123 April 2024 07:57:20
Conversion of a valid driving licence from Switzerland to an equivalent Greek driving licence without examinations39419618 April 2024 10:20:54
Conversion of a valid driving licence from the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa and South Korea to a valid Greek driving licence59151618 April 2024 10:13:03
Computerised form for serious Illnesses15755416 April 2024 10:06:32
Declaration of theft/loss of a Greek passport19943716 April 2024 08:12:45
Certificate of nationality94974610 April 2024 09:14:58
Amendment and cancellation of postal vote applications62321913 March 2024 12:23:34
Registration in the special electoral rolls for postal voting2544281 March 2024 07:41:17
Application-declaration for graduate participation in the nationwide examinations of General Senior High Schools83706622 February 2024 07:52:24
Camp operation licence50470615 December 2023 13:44:13
Establishment authorisation, operating authorisation and notification of operation of recreational activities in amusement parks, circuses and ice rinks83564215 December 2023 13:42:14
Enrollment in Higher Education of students distinguished in international scientific competitions54635313 December 2023 07:12:56
Public Access to SIS II data53926913 December 2023 07:09:59
Acquisition of Greek nationality from birth by issuance of a declaratory decision2032215 December 2023 10:19:33
Acquisition of Greek nationality by declaration due to birth to a Greek father1904715 December 2023 10:11:32
Acquisition of Greek nationality by declaration due to birth to a Greek mother6522825 December 2023 09:18:17
Naturalisation of expatriates residing abroad2994285 December 2023 09:12:41
Introduction of distinguished athletes in higher education38268424 November 2023 15:01:12
Registration of students in the first grade of the Music Schools upon selection38229424 November 2023 14:59:00
Approval of a Training Body for Roadworthiness Test Centre (MOT ADR/ATP) Inspectors37878424 November 2023 14:55:23
Regrading of written tests of students of Middle School and General High School37625524 November 2023 14:53:07
Approval of staffing of the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) operational instruments36654624 November 2023 14:51:03
Issue of proof of studies and proof of dismissal from Middle School and General High School34236124 November 2023 14:48:45
Licence to purchase and transport firearms and essential components if the transport takes place within the country28911424 November 2023 14:43:49
Application for Non-Resident Voters28262824 November 2023 14:41:19
Certificate of professional practice of rescuer-ambulance crew25168024 November 2023 14:38:08
Certificate of annual activity in short-term markets25154724 November 2023 14:35:12
Certificate of professional qualification as a midwife24387824 November 2023 14:32:50
Ratification of company labour regulation83380116 November 2023 11:47:12
Multilateral European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) international transit authorisation for transport operators83669816 November 2023 11:43:54
Authorisation for the establishment and operation of a water aerodrome84249916 November 2023 11:41:32
Special Identity Card for Expatriates from Turkey82405916 November 2023 09:49:31
Naturalisation of expatriates non-holders of the Special Identity Card for Expatriates38315416 November 2023 09:46:50
Suitability Licence for Manufacturers36622716 November 2023 09:41:38
Community licence for the movement of public service vehicles abroad2928879 November 2023 13:42:13
Application for Participation in the Exams for the Certificate of Knowledge Adequacy for Naturalisation2590019 November 2023 12:53:01
Water Aerodrome Operating Licence2372769 November 2023 12:38:09
Registration in the special electoral rolls of voters residing abroad2331989 November 2023 12:27:00
Naturalisation of Expatriate Holders of the Special Identity Card for Expatriates2249259 November 2023 12:22:47
Registration in Second-Chance Schools2246759 November 2023 12:13:58
Licence for the Use of Public Spaces80232930 October 2023 09:11:41
MyPhoto for citizens65415630 October 2023 09:08:41
Certificate of (Active) Fire Protection42935430 October 2023 09:05:14
Special Identity Card for Expatriates from USSR countries99198123 October 2023 11:50:31
Elevator Maintenance Workshop Licence89376423 October 2023 11:46:48
Special Identity Card for Expatriates from Albania63000923 October 2023 11:40:04
Notification of Safety Technician in Undertakings and Branches52143923 October 2023 11:25:26
Certificate of Suitability for Administrative and Other Staff of a Casino Business18711923 October 2023 11:21:26
Announcement of Commencement of the Profession of Workshop Technician for Cars, Motorcycles and Mopeds19996423 October 2023 11:08:11
Notification of the Beginning of Construction Works18616423 October 2023 10:54:35
Adoption of a Decision concerning the Entry of Aliens into the Country, despite the Existence of a Prohibitory Ground18566623 October 2023 10:49:20
Register of Occupational Doctors15188023 October 2023 10:43:40
Birth certificate issued by a Greek Consular Authority98870316 October 2023 09:37:14
Admission of pupils to experimental kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and high schools71871416 October 2023 09:34:03
Certificate for practising as an assistant nurse69474916 October 2023 09:30:41
Authorisation to operate a playground87458816 October 2023 09:20:23
Omitted Voters43721616 October 2023 09:16:27
Inclusion of civil protection volunteer organisations and their members in the Single Register of Civil Protection Volunteering (EMEPP)35876316 October 2023 09:11:19
Renewal of a licence to operate a high-speed craft34175716 October 2023 09:07:16
Admission of pupils to standard lower and upper secondary schools33673416 October 2023 08:54:41
Emergency travel document46059516 October 2023 08:33:40
Announcement of the Operation of Tourist Offices33757916 October 2023 08:21:36
Announcement of Operation of a Private Passenger Car Rental Business22643116 October 2023 08:18:36
Announcement of Operation of a Ship Brokerage Office69094116 October 2023 08:15:15
Authorisation for a Master Welder Licence of Class A (with examinations)77267928 September 2023 14:07:42
Recognition of third-cycle foreign academic degrees (doctorate)81435927 September 2023 09:25:59
Submission of a Complaint on Safety and Health Issues at Work86371227 September 2023 09:21:16
Recording of a subsequent application for International Protection79564527 September 2023 09:14:45
Replacement of a residence document to UK citizens as beneficiaries of the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement45796427 September 2023 08:39:38
Exchange of a driving licence issued by an EU Member State with a Greek driving licence of the respective category78506227 September 2023 08:36:34
Issue of a Portable Document U1 (PD U1 form)73280627 September 2023 08:33:46
Declaration of baptism of a minor38922327 September 2023 08:10:05
Registration of a citizen of the European Union in the special electoral roll of Community voters22599427 September 2023 08:05:08
Issue of a Portable Document U2 (PD U2 form)20865427 September 2023 07:59:38
Issue of a marriage licence for foreign residents in Greece16681027 September 2023 07:56:32
Approval of the operation of recreational activities on land within tourist ports58806214 September 2023 09:29:35
Certificate for the free provision of services by health professionals26745914 September 2023 09:09:58
Certificate of Commencement of Operation of Truck stations for the Loading and Unloading of Goods (Car Freight Stations) without the Installation of Fuel Pumps5914567 September 2023 09:50:35
Notification of the operation of Tourism Road Transport Enterprises7445711 August 2023 08:22:31
Notification of Exercise of Leasing Activity of Private Passenger Cars with Driver3758691 August 2023 08:01:16
Special Operating Sign for Mountain Retreats8146631 August 2023 07:56:17
Notification of operation of a business for the rental of motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles over 50 c.c. without driver2552951 August 2023 06:33:36
Single - Type Residence Permit for Βeneficiaries of Refugee Status93914628 July 2023 11:45:16
Licence to establish and/or operate a pure or mixed service station for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to vehicles44575628 July 2023 11:03:18
Licence for the Establishment and Operation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Distribution Stations35344228 July 2023 10:58:12
Announcement of the Operation of a Private Vehicle Technical Inspection Centre (IKTEO) Following Transfer to a New Owner44477528 July 2023 10:53:53
Sickness Benefit (e-EFKA)95429628 July 2023 10:28:52
Notification of Operation of Vehicle Roadside Assistance Partner53904019 July 2023 12:47:03
Notification of Operation of Schools of Vocational Training for Transport Operators68684419 July 2023 12:36:24
Notification of Operation of a Vehicle Roadside Assistance Company23638419 July 2023 12:33:44
Licence of a private school of primary and secondary education to a legal person or legal persons involved in associations of persons30992019 July 2023 12:28:36
Operating Licence for Elderly Care Units59973619 July 2023 10:55:24
Licence for the Establishment and Operation of a Centre of Creative Activity οf Children12403219 July 2023 10:53:01
Notification of the commencement of operation or change of details of a swimming pool within a tourist accommodation35744619 July 2023 10:49:44
Cross-border provision of services for the chartering of motorboats and small speed vessels60024819 July 2023 10:46:52
Notification of Commencement/Changing/Cessation of Operation of School of Professional Training of Drivers of Vehicles Transporting Dangerous Goods11843119 July 2023 10:44:38
Electronic submission of pleadings (Civil/Criminal Courts)28223717 July 2023 11:38:11
Transfer of a registration licence for a numbered passenger car or motorcycle for private use72259420 June 2023 09:09:07
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