Notification of Safety Technician in Undertakings and Branches

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The procedure concerns the notification of a Safety Technician and is addressed to undertakings. The notification is made electronically, through the electronic services provided in the Digital Portal of the Labour Inspectorate,, through, the single digital gateway of the Public Administration. The notification of Safety Technician is made distinctly for the undertakings and the branches registered in ERGANI or possibly other places that are active in the company, e.g. technical projects, taking up work within another undertaking, etc.

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Every employer is required to use Safety Technician services. The Safety Technician may be an employee of the company, an external partner or the provision of technical security services may be carried out through an external Service of Protection and Prevention. In such cases, there is no notice of technical security by the company and acceptance of technical security, electronically, through the corresponding service provided by Under conditions, the employer may carry out technical security tasks himself/herself for his/her undertaking, but in this case there is no obligation to announcing the technical security - Employer, through the described procedure. If the undertaking does not have Social Insurance Institute (IKA) ERGANI codes and cannot therefore create and hold an account on the platform of the Labour Inspectorate, for example, a foreign company, the notification of a Security Technician is made, as previously described, manually. However, even in this case, a legal person must be given priority in the submission of such notification to Greece.


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Notification of Safety Technician


In exceptional cases and since the entity making the notification cannot have an account on sepenet (e.g. a foreign company), the procedure shall be carried out manually by notifying the documents required to the relevant Labour Inspectorate.

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Identification document, Identification via the Labor Inspection Body codes





        This procedure does not provide for any legal means of protection or appeal, since the notification of security technician does not constitute an administrative act, but a Notification / Announcement.

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            Notification of Safety Technician Notification of ST

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            Notification of Safety Technician in Undetrakings and Branches

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            Αναγγελίες αναθέσεων καθηκόντων Τεχνικού Ασφάλειας και Ιατρού Εργασίας



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              Application (digital)


              B8, Q1


            • 1 Possession of passwords to enter software The company that is going to make the announcement of Technical Security must have IKA (Social Insurance Institute) /ERGANI codes and have an account on the platform of the Labour Inspectorate as a "Company". If the company does not have IKA/ERGANI codes, e.g. foreign enterprises, construction companies, etc., the notification of Security Technician is made manually.

              No No

            • 2 Administrative The Security Technician that the company intends to announce, must have set up an account at the Digital Gateway of the Labour Inspectorate as a "Security Technician”, he/she must have made an application for registration in the Security Technician Register and his/her application must has been accepted by the competent Department of Labour Security and Health Inspection, so that he/she is registered in the Technical Security Register.

              No No

            • 3 Administrative In enterprises employing less than 50 workers, employers are obliged to use security technician services in accordance with Article 12(4) of Law 3850/2010. In enterprises employing 50 or more workers, employers are obliged to use the services of a safety technician and an occupational physician, in accordance with chapter B of Law 3850/2010.

              No No

            • 1 A contract between an undertaking and a security technician. Contract

              A contract between an undertaking and a security technician.

              Submission by: Submitted by the applicant (digital)

              Submitted by: Legal entities, Persons

              Notes: In the electronic form provided through the,which the employer will complete with the details of the Safety Technician notification, the Contract concluded between the two parties should also be attached.

              Document submitted under requirements: No

              No 9164

            • Law 8 3850 2010 84 Α

              Description Arrangements regarding security technician in enterprises and branches.

              Legal references pdf=20100100084

            • Joint Ministerial Decision 7 50067/28 2017 3952 Β

              Description Electronic database for the registration of Security Technicians and the procedure for the assignment of Security Technician tasks through the Integrated Information System-Labour Inspectorate.

              Legal references pdf=20170203952

            • 1 Entry of Security Technician notification data from the company

              Responsible for Implementation Institutional software

              Μethod of Implementation Data input in software


              Description A competent person enters the companys codes in the Account that the company maintains in the Labour Inspectorate Information System and selects the electronic Service "Announcements of Labour Doctor / Security Technician" Initially selects "Statement of Total Number of Workers", so that the System automatically calculates, on the basis of the information to be recorded, the minimum working hours of the Security Technician Service in the undertaking. The operator then selects "Techniques Communications">" "Techniques in Business and Branches" and enters the required data. Finally, it initiates the Announcement to the reported Security Technician. Detailed instructions are provided via the following link:

              No No

            • 2 Acceptance or rejection of the Notification by the Safety Technician

              Responsible for Implementation Institutional software

              Μethod of Implementation Data input in software


              Description The Security Technician, to which the Notification relates, enters his/her Account in the Digital Gateway of the Labour Inspectorate in order to accept (or reject) the announcement made for himself/herself as Security Technician. The instructions are given on the website and in particular via the link:

              No No

            • 3 Protocol to the Communication of Technical Security

              Responsible for Implementation Institutional software

              Μethod of Implementation Software action

              Description If the Security Technician accepts the Notification, this automatically receives a protocol number and is routed to the competent Department of Labour Safety & Health Inspection, based on the location of the Branch or the location where the Security Technician will provide his/her services.

              No No

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