Notification of the Beginning of Construction Works

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Safety & health at work inspection departments (TEAYE)

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The procedure concerns the notification, prior to the beginning of works in a technical or construction project, of basic elements (Master of the Project, Contractor, General Contractors, Contractors/ subcontractors, project site, duration of work, Safety Coordinators, etc.) to the locally competent Department of Occupational Safety & Health Inspection of the Labour Inspectorate.

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The process of submitting the Prior Notification of the Beginning of Construction Works is carried out either physically to theDepartments of Occupational Safety & Health Inspection, or digitally via the electronic services provided in the Digital Portal of the Labour Inspectorate


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Legal entities, Persons


Prior notification for the announcement of construction works


Data such as the Project Lord, the Developer, the General Contractor, the Contractors/Subcontractors, the project site, the duration of the project, the intended number of workers, the Safety Coordinators, etc., are announced, via the electronic services provided by the portal of the Labour Inspectorate, or through a physical form.

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            Prior Notification of a Technical Project Prior Notification

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            Prior Notification of the Beginning of Construction Works

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              Trigger (submission method)

              Application (digital), Application (handwritten)




            • 1 Time Notification of the commencement of construction works shall be notified to the relevant Occupational Safety & Health Inspection Department prior to the commencement of the Technical / Construction Project.

              No No

            • 2 Labour The notifier of the Advance Notice of Commencement of Construction Works must be either the Project Owner or the Developer / General Contractor of the project, irrespective of whether it is a company, legal or natural person.

              No No

            • 3 Labour The prior notification of the beginning of construction works shall be made under the conditions laid down in Article 3(12) of the P.D. 305/1996, according to which: (a) the project will have a duration of at least 30 working days,employing at least 20 workers simultaneously, (b) the provided work load shall be above 500 days.

              No No

            • 4 Possession of passwords to enter software The Master Project / Developer / Contractor of the Project, possesses IKA/ERGANIS codes and has created an Account as an Employer on the platform of the Labour Inspectorate Information System (, so that he/she can digitally submit the prior notification of the Beginning of Construction Works.

              No No

            • Presidential Decree 3 305 1996 212 Α

              Description Article 3 regulates issues and obligations such as the employment of coordinators; in the case of a construction site with a project duration of more than 30 working days, in which more than 20 workers will simultaneously be employed or the projected work volume will exceed 500 days of the entire project, and where the contractor is not the principal of the project must transmit to the competent Labour Inspectorate prior to the beginning of the work the notification drawn up in accordance with Annex III to Article 12 of this Decree.

              Legal references pdf=19960100212

            • 1 Time before the start of Technician/Construction Project

              Description The relevant Developer/General Contractor of the Project or Master of the Project must submit the Prior Notification before the beginning of the Construction/Technical Project and provided that essential elements of the project have been finalised (workers, predicted number of employees, duration of work, Safety Coordinator, etc).

              No No

            • 2 Digital Submission of the Early Disclosure of Construction Works

              Μethod of Implementation Software action

              Description Since the Master of the Project / Contractor / Project General, has IKA/ERGANI codes and has created an account as an Employer on the platform of the Labour Inspectorates Information System (, he/she can submit the Prior Disclosure Digitally, using the respective electronic service provided through the digital portal

              Notes Digital submission using the respective electronic service provided through the platform is preferable for employers, thus reducing the bureaucratic burden, both for the employer and for the Labour Inspectorate services.

              Yes No

            • 3 Manual submission of the Prior Disclosure of Construction Works

              Responsible for Implementation Competent Employee

              Μethod of Implementation Manual Action

              Description If the person liable does not posses IKA/ERGANI codes and an account in the Labour Inspectorate Information System (or does not wish to do digital submission), he/she may manually make the submission by physical presence at the relevant Health & Safety Inspection Department or send the Advance Notification by e-mail. The information to be provided by the Prior Disclosure shall refer to Annex III of the P.D.305/1996 and be the following: Annex III Content of the prior notification referred to in Article 3. Section 12 of this Order. 1. Date of transmission: 2. Exact address of the construction site: 3. Licence number (or authorisation for public works not required): 4. Master(s) of the project, name(s) and address of the project(s): 5. Type of project(s), name(s) and address(s): 6. Contractor(s), name(s) and address(es)): 7. Safety and health coordinator(s) name(s) and address(es) during the conduction of the work study: 8. Safety and health coordinator(s) during the conduction of the work study Name(s) and address(es): 9. Estimated date of commencement of work on site: 10. Estimated duration of the construction site: 11. Estimated maximum number of workers on site: 12. Estimated number of contractors, subcontractors and self-employed persons on site: 13. Details of the firms already selected:

              Yes No

            • 4 Automatic Record of the Prior Notification

              Responsible for Implementation Software

              Μethod of Implementation Software action

              Description After the electronic form of the Prior Notification, as shown in the electronic services of, has been completed and submitted, it automatically receives a protocol number and is launched in the relevant Department of Safety and Health Inspectorate on the basis of the location of the project. The person submitting it is informed of the first Notification received from the submitted Proceedings, in the account maintained on platform.

              Yes No

            • 5 Manual Record of Prior Disclosure

              Responsible for Implementation Competent Employee

              Μethod of Implementation Manual Action

              Description In the event that the Prior Notification is submitted manually, a competent official shall enter the form in the Electronic Protocol System of the Labour Inspectorate and assign a protocol number.

              Yes No

            • 6 Completion of the procedure of the submission of prior notification

              Description After automatic digital or manual record, the Prior Notification enters the Labour Inspectorate’s Documents Management System and is launched to the Head of the Department for possible further actions, e.g. completeness check, project inspection planning, etc.

              No Yes

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